Thursday, May 14, 2009

losing somewhere

yesterday we've got pra gawai
oh gosh, i'm so tired, so sleepy that i hv 2 keep pushing myself to stand & keep reading my notes
we have our titas's exam 2nite
i should not being like i know everything
but i'm sick of taking the exam
i rally dun want 2 do such thing anymore
i juz want to keep free, be someone who capable 2 done everything that i wishing for without thinking wat the result is coming around
i juz think that i don hv any willing to learn, to study & i'm lost of seeking myself towards this path
i don belong 2 myself anymore, & i don hv a strength desire 2 bcome someone in my field right now
thinking of everyone around & the burden that i carry on, oh gosh i hv 2 stay
i hv 2 be here
i hv 2 finish all this
if time could turn on
if i can choose by my own
well, it was all bout may be
when i review my past, emmm...i'm quite lucky
having wat others don't
got all the things right in my hand
but yeah........we always not appreciate wat we hv
we want sth that others might hv
i really don want 2 study rite now, this moment
GOD, help me..................
help me 2 get my strength that i might had lost anywhere
help me to search 4 my faith in myself
i really need YOUR help
i really don get wat had happened 2 me 
i'm lost.....................

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