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Heechul treating Hankyung well, is not only because of their age, ranking (sunbae/hoobae) and also not only because they live in the same dorm. It’s because Hankyung had to leave his home, and has to endure everything (too much) by himself. Being his friend, fellow member, Heechul feels that he should take care of Hankyung even more.
Furthermore, the so called ai mei (love) is actually only because of the requirement in front of the camera. Heechul is a fairly traditional guy. But there’s a very interesting thing that happened. At their dorm when they were filming Hankyung’s China 10 days trip diary, Hankyung asked Heechul whether he would miss him. Heechul stayed silent for a second and replied, ‘Are you sick or something?’ And then gave Hankyung a peck on his cheek.
Hankyung being Chinese, has Korean as his biggest obstacle in Korea. Bit by bit he learns to listen carefully to what other people say. Quietly smiling to encourage others. Heechul, living in the same dorm said, ‘I would only drink Soju with Hankyung. The two of us don’t need to say anything. Just drinking Soju together silently.’ At Heechul’s saddest times it’s Hankyung being by his side to keep him company. Compared to a Korean next door, Hankyung being Chinese understands him even better.
Hankyung and Heechul are good friends in the group. When they have time, they would frequently play (computer) games together, watch horror movies or go to Korea’s famous GAG CONCERT. Watching horror movies and playing computer games are their hobbies. Heechul said that every time when he’s angry, Hankyung would always say, ‘Let’s go drink Soju together!’ Hankyung can’t be lacked in Super Junior. Being an older brother he always receives lots of love from his younger brothers. Everybody also likes him and helps him a lot. No matter if it’s help in his daily life or the language. His perfect face plus his perfect body, being able to dance ballet and perform martial arts and his perfect personality. Hankyung with Heechul, Kibum and Siwon together are being named ‘The flower boys F4’ by the fans.

Everybod knows how Heechul always talks a lot on shows and has lots of camera time. But on this episode of love Letter he never had the intentions to steel Hankyung’s camera time. As he knows that this is Hankyung’s first time appearing on a Korean show. When Hankyung said something funny cluelessly, Heechul bursted out in laughter and litterally rolled on the floor dying of laughter with tears rolling down his face. Heechul who always knows what to say at any time, was too full of himself when he was proposing to Ayumi. But did he really say that to praise himself? Or did he say that on purpose to let Hankyung win? Nobody knows.. All I know is that when Hankyung hugged Heechul, it’s called ”friendship”.
On the Korean show Ya Shim Man Man, Heechul said that whenever Hankyung hears anything he doesn’t want to hear or doesn’t want to reply at, he just pretends not to understand Korean that well. And he also said that Hankyung is very good at swearing. Hankyung replied with, ‘You taught me that!’

And when Heechul wanted to imitate Hankyung again, Hankyung told Heechul to shut up. Where as Heechul replied with, ‘If I don’t talk, how do they understand you! Otherwise why would they ask me to come on this show with you? ‘

Heechul also mentioned that whenever he asks Hankyung to make food for him or whatever, Hankyung would always do it for him. And asked Hankyung, ‘If you didn’t really like me, would you do these things for me?’ Hankyung then replied with, ‘I wouldn’t.’

Conclusion is, if it’s not for Heechul, nobody would understand Hankyung’s Korean. And if it’s not for Hankyung, nobody would cook for Heechul. Therefore, they can’t live without each other.

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